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We offer more than 50 blends of hand-crafted teas and spices, while constantly developing new delicious options for our customers.

Royale Tea Company, formerly Royale Tea House

“I realized that very few tea brewers & spice traders were knowledgeable about both the unique flavors possible utilizing pure ingredients as well as the delicious & authentic spices available today.  We create amazing flavors that everyone can experience. I have spent the past 31 years creating tea brews and unique culinary spices. My blends have been tested & re-tested to ensure their full flavor & authenticity. I believe that perfection takes time & I only offer the best which I have created for my customers.”

-Blend Master


Royale Tea has been selected for the 2013 & 2014 Best of Colorado Springs Award in the Tea House category by the Colorado Springs Award Program.

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